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My name is George Turnboo, and my family has lived in this area since the 1840s. I graduated from El Dorado High School in 1971, and went on to attend American River College as a business major. I love the people and rural lifestyle we enjoy in this county and my driving interest in seeking this office is the welfare of all of El Dorado County's residents.

I am currently a pastor of the El Dorado Community Church where I lead worship to the membership. In this role, I have a keen understanding for the importance of truth, ethics, and community.

For almost 50 years, I owned George's Pit Stop, an automotive repair business in the town of El Dorado. As a business owner, I understand the challenges facing our small businesses as well as the financial benefits these businesses bring to our local economy.

While short-sighted planning and excessive government regulation has hurt our local business community, I feel that, with proper balance, tourism, recreation, and industry can successfully coexist without harming our rural lifestyle. I will protect that lifestyle by setting high standards for new development, ensuring that proper infrastructure is in place to balance the needs of business and housing growth, while protecting the values of those who now call El Dorado County their home.

During the 2015-2016 term, I sat on the Grand Jury and also served as a member of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. As a prior member of the Grand Jury, I understand the necessity of enforcement of the law for the protection of our community. As a prior member of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, I understand the importance of basic infrastructure and services, and the pitfalls of poorly managed growth.

I would love to represent you as your county supervisor and, if you have any questions, please give me a call.

- George Turnboo
George Turnboo is running for El Dorado County District 2 Supervisor

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George Turnboo Accomplishments

County-wide Accomplishments

- Fought for the Rights of business owners against state-imposed mandated guidance.

- Initiated "no mask/vax mandate" resolution for schools in EDC that was copied statewide.

- Conceived the building amnesty program for residential homeowners who qualify.

- Naming of Public Safety Facility after John D'Agostini without using tax dollars for the signage.

- Affected Federal policy changes through persistence regarding wildfire response and recovery, including changing the USFS 'Let It Burn' Policy and developing the FEMA Fire Act.

- Encouraging forest management discussions that include logging and green waste commodities.

- Worked with DOT to increase road safety with bigger signs, equipment and infrastructure upgrades along with funding for paving equipment to have the ability to pave roads. Paving equipment had been sold and consequently all road paving projects were being contracted out, which was often inefficient.

- Pushed for Pallet Shelters at the EDSO jail facility for permanent homeless navigation center solution, and voted against current permanent proposal. Sac County has had success with their Pallet Shelters.

- Wrote an article in support of CAL-FIRE receiving eight C130 air-tanker aircraft and visited with the staff that operates and maintains the entire fleet. C130s vastly increase CAL-FIRE’s response to wildfire.

- Questioned CA State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara repeatedly over Zoom asking “What are you going to do to lower the fire insurance rates for residents?” until the meeting ended.

- Recommended Planning Department adopt pre-approved blueprints for residents to choose from to save on costs associated with drafting blueprints and getting the associated approvals.


El Dorado Hills Accomplishments

- Indirectly stopped a massive distribution building that would generate little tax revenue.

- Fought against unfair taxes being collected from residents, unfair state code enforcement on business, unfair practices by certain developers and inadequate proposals rejected by residents.

- Developing strategies with Economic Development (Growth Factory) to bring high paying tech jobs to EDH/EDC, and promote innovative businesses with reviewed potential.

- Supporting EDH Fire through collaboration and sourcing funding to expand the training facility.

- Ongoing work with DOT to review road improvement opportunities throughout EDH and into Latrobe.

- Ongoing talks with residents, stakeholders and county staff about EDH land development plans.


Cameron Park Accomplishments

- Tackling 50+ years unaddressed infrastructure issues throughout Cameron Park collaborating with Cameron Park CSD, El Dorado Water Agency and DOT.

- Helping Food Bank of El Dorado County build Emergency Disaster Resource Center, expand resources throughout El Dorado County, maintain important long-term relationships and remain independent.

- Protecting residents by encouraging Cameron Park CSD to prioritize public safety over recreation.

- Vegetation management along easements and trails through Miwok Tribal Fire.

- Assisted Cameron Park Airport community with specific road related issues.

- Addressed vehicle speed and safety concerns with viable low-cost solutions from DOT.

- Volunteered to help Mosquito Fire survivors evacuated to Cameron Park CSD.

- Consistently supported Cameron Park business, including local Chamber of Commerce.

- Joined clean-up events to remove trash left behind by homeless encampments.

- New county maintained recreational facility for BMX bike racing enthusiasts.


Grizzly Flats Accomplishments

- Rebuilding Grizzly Flats community, including Post Office, waiving building fees, pushing Owner-Built (Title 25) ordinance, and sourcing funding for infrastructure immediate needs of the Grizzly Flats CSD.

- Sought out long-term funding support for Grizzly Flats CSD to build infrastructure to new standards.

- Pushing to bring back more logging, biomass, good forest management and saw mills, which includes potential industry related campuses and working directly with USFS, RCD and nonprofits.

- Coordinated meetings with utilities, agencies, county staff, special districts and residents to address recovery concerns related to homes, roads, timber, property damage and recovery activities.

- Worked directly with nonprofits, such as the Food Bank of El Dorado County to provide Caldor Fire survivors with any and all assistance available, including county government available assistance.

- Represented Caldor Fire survivors at a congressional hearing in Yosemite, CA.

- Assisting charities seeking to build a Grizzly Flats Community Center.

- Encouraging Caldor Fire survivors to share their experiences with the media.

George Turnboo in Action

George Turnboo protects our open spaces by standing up to big developers, defending local history, and representing YOU. When Supervisors refused to represent their constituents, George did so as an out-spoken Citizen. The Board of Supervisors later voted against the project.

George Turnboo prevents yet another road tax, by providing common sense solutions to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. Turnboo suggested that El Dorado County residents are taxed enough already, defended the county road workers, and gave examples of other funding that the County can use for roads. The Board of Supervisors later voted against the road tax 4 to 1.

George Turnboo defended the local Environment as a concerned Citizen, and took action on a very serious environmental issue affecting residents. Turnboo rolled up his sleeves, and worked with professionals in the field, to find real answers. Thanks to the efforts of George Turnboo, the county was held accountable for cleaning up the local environment.

Full Documentary:

"The history of an old lime processing plant in Diamond Springs continues to be relevant as cleanup operations and work on the Diamond Springs Parkway take place where the plant used to operate."

"Already aware of the pollution at the old plant, in 2016 Turnboo said he was contacted by parents who complained their children were burned playing in Weber Creek."

Water Quality Report
     ( Report.pdf )
Water Quality Report

"As your Supervisor, I will make sure this does not happen again. I exposed the highly toxic waste as a citizen and exposed the county when they tried to cover it up. Money, Power and Greed has to stop in our county, especially when it comes to the safety and welfare of our county residents."

- George Turnboo

Resolving the Issues

Turnboo works to resolve issues instead of creating more. As a business owner for almost 50 years, Turnboo knows the importance of proper management. As a pastor of one of the oldest churches in California, Turnboo knows the value of being genuine. Having been blessed with raising a family in El Dorado County, George Turnboo has a unique and local understanding of the region, the culture, the climate and most importantly, the people.


“This fire was horrific,” Turnboo said. “These last two fires that we had in the county, the King Fire and the Caldor Fire, absolutely destroyed about 60%-70% of our national forest and it devastated a community in Grizzly Flat.”

Funds, spirits raised for Caldor Fire survivors (Mt Democrat)

“This funding for the Grizzly Flat CSD supports important infrastructure needed to rebuild the community,” notes Turnboo. “This is only the beginning and we are so fortunate to have Senator Alvarado-Gil’s partnership and persistence in advocating for our county.”

Senator pushes for local needs in state budget (Mt Democrat)

“The biggest thing is this community needs something since they lost everything,” said District 2 Supervisor George Turnboo. “This center would give them hope because it would unite the community as they rebuild.”

Restoring hope — landing community center for Grizzly Flat (Mt Democrat)

“This is going to be a great thing,” Turnboo said. “There’s going to be blankets, flashlights and everything we need to make this disaster center work across our county but we can also help those in other communities as well.”

Food bank digs in to give disaster support (Mt Democrat)

District 2 Supervisor George Turnboo brought the discussion of naming the facility the Sheriff John D’Agostini Public Safety Facility to the Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 24...

Turnboo kicked off the conversation, lauding D’Agostini and his leadership during his 12-year tenure as sheriff. Particularly, Turnboo praised the former sheriff for maintaining his department as one respectful of the law, opening his ranch to Caldor Fire victims while the blaze raged in the county and for his vision on the Sheriff’s Office public safety facility, which had been in the works since the 1980s. “Many sheriffs have attempted to get the project off the ground but it took John D’Agostini to get the job done,” Turnboo said.

During public comment former District 3 Supervisor Brian Veerkamp, along with many in attendance, supported renaming the facility. He said D’Agostini gave his “heart and soul” to opening the facility and recalled going through a number of meetings and processes to get it constructed during his own time as supervisor.

“What it all came down to, whenever there was a tough decision to be made, it was John’s heart, people and ability to get the people behind him as well,” Veerkamp commented. “Having been voted in numerous times, I believe he was very well supported … this would carry on the legacy of the D’Agostini name and he is very deserving of this honor.”

EDSO headquarters to be named for D’Agostini (Mt Democrat)


Congressman Tom McClintock

Congressman Kevin Kiley

State Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil

State Assemblyman Joe Patterson

El Dorado County Sheriff Jeff Leikauf

Retired Sheriff John D'Agostini

Retired Sheriff Richard Pacileo

Retired Sheriff Hal Barker

Retired Supervisor Rusty Dupray

Retired Supervisor Jack Sweeney

El Dorado County Assessor Jon DeVille

El Dorado County Surveyor Brian Frazier

El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn

El Dorado County Tax-Collector Karen Coleman

El Dorado County Fire PD Director Paul Gilchrest

The American Council

Citizens in Support of El Dorado Hills

El Dorado County Republican Central Committee

Deputy Sheriffs' Association of El Dorado County

Amador County District 5 Supervisor Brian Oneto

Placer County District 4 Supervisor Suzanne Jones

Sacramento County District 4 Supervisor Sue Frost

Candidate for District 3 Supervisor Brian Veerkamp

Candidate for CA Assembly District 1 Tenessa Audette

City of Placerville Councilmember Michael Saragosa

Camino Union Elementary School District Board Member Bill Snodgrass

"I support George Turnboo for the office of El Dorado County Supervisor for District 2. I've known George for several years, and have complete confidence that he is the honest, dedicated, forward-thinking person we want in this office. His love for this county is unquestioned, and his promise to work for the best interests of all county residents is what is driving him. He keeps his promises."

- LAUREL STROUD (Placerville)

"George will not be bought and sold by the developers as a majority of the board has. I have come to that conclusion because the board seems to vote for the developers instead of we, the people, who put them in office.

Save our county. Vote George Turnboo."

- MARTHA S. MARTIN (El Dorado)

Remember When...

George Turnboo is something of a "Racing Legend" in El Dorado County. George raced at Placerville Speedway when it was still known as "Hangtown Speedway". Over the years, George has been a pioneer of dirt track racing. His racing career first started in an old #10 Stocker Chevy, which would become the Stock Cars of dirt track racing today. Later in his racing career, George raced #56 Super Stock at Placerville Speedway, which were the pioneers of the modern Late Model dirt track racecars. George Turnboo had a decades long racing career that included many race tracks, different racing divisions and several top finishes, always with a focus on growing towards something bigger and better.

Support Turnboo For Supervisor

Help George Turnboo get re-elected by putting up a sign, sharing on social media, or talking with your neighbors, family and friends. El Dorado County is our home, so we are responsible for making changes in our community, and George Turnboo knows how to make positive changes. Please show your support for El Dorado County by supporting George Turnboo for District 2 Supervisor.

We need everyone in the county to get out and vote in 2024. We need your help!

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George Turnboo is running for El Dorado County District 2 Supervisor

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